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Electromagnetic Engineering

Education:Ph.D., National Taiwan Univ./T.A.M.U., U.S.A. Visiting Scholar
Research:Microwave Circuits,Antenna Systems,Electronic Communication,Radio Frequency IC Design
Office:Complex Building 601-2
Telephone:(02)2771-2171 Ext. 2260

Education:Ph.D., National Cheng Kung Univ.
Research:Microwave Engineering,Microwave Dielectric Resonator,Microwave Circuits Smart Antenna Systems
Office:Complex Building 304
Telephone:(02)2771-2171 Ext. 2234


Education:Ph.D., National Taiwan Univ.
Research:Design of passive and active CMOS RFICs & Development of RF CMOS Single Chip
Office:Complex Building 312-4
Telephone:(02)2771-2171 Ext. 2226

Education:The University of Michigan, U.S.A.
Research:Microwave Circuits
Office:Complex Building 402
Telephone:(02)2771-2171 Ext. 2285


Education:Ph.D., National Taiwan Univ.
Research:Antennas, wireless communications, engineering data mining and optimization
Office:Complex Building 407-1
Telephone:(02)2771-2171 Ext. 2281


Education:Ph.D., University of Michigan
Research:Numerical Electromagnetics, Antennas, Microwave Circuits.
Office:Complex Building 312-1
Telephone:(02)2771-2171 Ext. 2243


Education:National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, PhD in
Electrical Engineering
Research:mmWave/THz Antenna and Circuit Design、Fifth Generation Mobile Antenna and Circuit Design、Signal Integrity and Electromagnetic Compatibility、Microwave Circuits and Antennas、THz Wave Propagation、High-Speed Connector Design、Near-Field Communications/RFID/IoT/Wearable Device Design、Spectrum Engineering Management and Telecommunications Policy、Synthesized Transmission Line and Miniaturized Microwave Circuit、Radiowave and Medical Integration Research、Functional Safety Analysis of Self-Driving Vehicles
Office:Complex Building 305-2
Telephone:(02)2771-2171 Ext. 2212