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Ph.D. Program

Educational Objectives & Features


This institute focuses on the integration of computer and communication technologies. It is oriented toward the development of practical technologies to meet the needs of the industrial specialists in computer and communication engineering, as Taiwan developing its Asia-Pacific operation center and national information infrastructure. It will also promote substantial cooperation between the university and the associated industries..


This institute concentrates on the development of four areas:

 A.     Computer EngineeringSoftware, hardware, firmware, human interface, microcontroller, micro-electronic application, information application, embedded system, image processing, and electro-medical engineering.


B.     Communication and Signal ProcessingSpread spectrum communications, mobile communications, data communications, signal processing, information theorem, error-code correction, speech recognition, and network application.


C.     Electromagnetic EngineeringHigh-frequency circuit and measurement, RF integrated circuit, antenna design and measurement, electro-wave propagation, high-speed digital transmission techniques, microwave IC design, and microwave components.


D.     Integrated Circuits and SystemsMixed-signal chip design, digital communication chip design, IP design, analog IC design, electronic design automation, hardware-software co-design, embedded system, and SOC platform design.


Furthermore, it stresses the integration and application of the above subject areas and also promotes substantial cooperation between the university and the industries associated.



Graduation Credit Requirements


The graduation credit requirements of our M.A. program are regulated and reviewed regularly by the department faculty. The requirements are different for students who enter the program in different years. Students should find their respective course list and policy sheet to understand the full requirements.

Ph.D Program.


Dept. / Institution University Major Required Credits Major Elective Credits Maximum Credits for Inter-Dept. Elective Credits Minimum Credits for Graduation
Department of Electronic Engineering 16 18 6 34

Course & Credit Policy

Students should find their respective course list and policy sheet. Please refer to the remark field on the webpage.


International Admission

The international admission application is achieved through the Taipei Tech online application system for international degree students. Please refer to the flowchart on the webpage.