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Educational Objects and Research Interests

The department aims to train students in both the theory and practice of electronic engineering. We offer courses on computer engineering, communication and signal processing, electromagnetic engineering, and integrated circuits and systems. We emphasize the integration and application of the four areas. Furthermore, collaborations with the industry are strongly encouraged.

Researches are focused on four areas:


A. Computer Engineering:

Software, hardware, firmware, human interface, single-chip processor, micro-electronic application, information appliance, embedded system, image processing, electro-medical engineering, mobile computing, wireless sensor networks, embedded biomedical system design, asynchronous logic technology, VLSI system design, microprocessor systems, multimedia communications, multimedia SoC design, Machine Learning, Data Mining.



B. Communication and Signal Processing:

Wireless communications, mobile communications, digital signal processing, speech signal processing, speech / speaker / language recognition, speech synthesis, computer aided language learning, baseband communications circuits architecture design, information theory, cross-layer resource allocation, wireless locating and tracking, software-defined radio, software defined network, and optical communication systems.



C. Electromagnetic Wave Engineering: 

Microwave circuits and measurements, antennas, wave propagation, EMC, digital wireless, RFID, Microwave and RF IC design, RF transceivers and wireless vital-sign sensing techniques.



D. Integrated Circuits and Systems:

VLSI design, digital communication chip design, analog IC design, mixed-signal chip design, power- management IC Design, RF IC, biomedical IC, digital multimedia chip design, Hard IP design, Soft IP design, electronic design automation, hardware-software co-design, FPGA system design and SOC platform design, microwave and millimeter-wave integrated circuit design, instrumentation and control circuit system design, semiconductor device simulation and modeling.