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Project Teacher

Education:Ph.D., National Taiwan Univ.
Research:Machine Learning, Digital System Design, Microcontroller Systems
Office:Complex Building 209-3
Telephone:(02)2771-2171 Ext. 2262


Education:Ph.D., National Taipei University of Technology
Research:Artificial intelligence, hardware and software co-design, Internet of Things technology
Office:Complex Building 501-2

Telephone:(02)2771-2171 Ext. 2237

E-mail : ee12245@ntut.edu.tw



Education:Ph.D., National Taipei University of Technology
Research:SEO, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Robot Localization and Navigation, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Swarm Flight Collaboration System and Algorithm Development
Office:Complex Building 305-1
Telephone:(02)2771-2171 Ext. 2230