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Computer Engineering


Education:Ph.D., National Taiwan Univ.
Research:Broadband Networking, Internet Application Technique, Medical Informatics
Office:Complex Building 404
Telephone:(02)2771-2171 Ext. 2254
E-mail : evans@ntut.edu.tw



Education:Ph.D.,  National Taiwan  University of Science and Technology.
Research:Software Engineering, Database Systems, Internet Applications
Office:Complex Building 601-1
Telephone:(02)2771-2171 Ext. 2261
 E-mail  : cctuan@ntut.edu.tw




Education:Ph.D., National Taiwan Univ.
Research:Intelligent Multimedia Systems, Image processing and video coding,cloud computing and big data analytics, mobile applications and systems
Office:Complex Building 405
Telephone:(02) 2771-2171 Ext. 2289


Education:Master, University of Manchester, England、 Ph.D., National Taipei University of Technology
Research:Asynchronous Circuits and Systems, VLSI System Design, Microcomputer System Design
Office:Complex Building 308-1
Telephone:(02)2771-2171 Ext. 2228


Education:Ph.D., National Chiao Tung Univ.
Research:Electronic Circuits design, Microcomputer Systems, Signal Compression Multimedia Signal Processing
Office:Complex Building 302
Telephone:(02)2771-2171 Ext. 2242


Education:Ph.D., National Cheng Kung University
Research:IoT Eco-system、Ubiquitous Computing、Tele-healthcare Embedded/Wearable System、P2P/Web Multimedia Streaming、Cloud/Fog Computing
Office:Complex Building 207-2
Telephone:(02) 2771-2171 Ext. 2288


Education:Ph.D, National Chiao Tung University
Research:Mobile System Protocol Design、Wearable Device Applications and IoT、Mobile and Web Application Design
Office:Complex Building 207-1
Telephone:(02)2771-2171 Ext. 2227

Education:Ph.D., National Taiwan University
Research:Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Mining, Internet-of-Things
Office:Complex Building 403
Telephone:(02)2771-2171 Ext. 2275
E-mail : ktlai@ntut.edu.tw