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B.S. Program

Educational Objectives & Features


The department aims to develop specialized knowledge in electronic engineering and cultivate electronic specialists. It offers courses with equal emphasis on theory and practice to develop students' skills in electronic designs, manufacturing, and applications. Graduates are expected to apply their professional skills and develop research creativity.


The department focuses on computer engineering including hardware/software, multimedia, micro-electronics, electro-medical, embedded system, and VLSI design and communication engineering including electromagnetic waves, electro-optics, mobile communication, and signal processing. It stresses the integration and application of the foregoing subject areas. 



Graduation Credit Requirements


The graduation credit requirements of our B.S. program are regulated and reviewed regularly by the department faculty. The requirements are different for students who enter the program in different years. Students should find their respective course list and policy sheet to understand the full requirements. The latest graduation credit requirements are listed below.

Four-Year Program.


Dept. / Institution University Common Required Credits University Major Required Credits Major Elective Credits Maximum Credits for Inter-Dept. Elective Credits Minimum Credits for Graduation
Department of Electronic Engineering 33 61 39 15 133

Students should find their respective course list and policy sheet. Please refer to the remark field on the webpage.



Required Internship


Students who take "Internship", "Intern Practice" have an exemption on the common required course "Internships". Visit the Office of Research & Development  internship forms site   and download and complete the applicable internship forms. The forms are available in both Chinese and English, and undergraduate and graduate students use different sets of forms. Look for “校外實務實習” on the site to quickly get to the forms.


International Admission

The international admission application is achieved through the Taipei Tech online application system for international degree students. Please refer to the flowchart on the webpage.


Semester Terms

The Taiwan academic calendar is similar to that of North American or European universities.

  • Fall : September - January
  • Spring : February - June

Admission Timeline - Fall Intake (Open for all programs)


Admission Timeline - Spring Intake (Open for limited postgraduate programs)