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Taipei Tech devotes to advanced communication technology

Taipei Tech devotes to advanced communication technology
Taipei Tech devotes to advanced communication technology

Aerospace industry is one of the main five industries that President Ing-wen Tsai said she want to focus on develop. Recognizing the potential of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), Taipei Tech and GEOSAT Aerospace & Technology Inc. joint hands to establish the Advanced Communication Technology LAB, ACT LAB, for conducting its communication technology related research.

GEOSAT Aerospace & Technology Inc. not only does UAV R&D but also its data analysis. The ACT LAB was funded 20 million NTD by GEOSAT Aerospace & Technology Inc. The opening ceremony was held on 1, Sep., 2016.

Leehter Yao, President of Taipei Tech, noted that UAV is mainly used for territory exploration, rescue, environmental monitoring, and weather monitoring, etc. With the increasing altitude, UAV’s communication rate and accuracy will be affected. Therefore, ACT LAB’s first goal is to improve UAV’s real time video transmission technology and hope to make some breakthroughs next year.

Hsin-Piao Lin, Principle Investigator of ACT LAB and Professor from the Department of the Electrical Engineering, noted that ACT LAB now has one anechoic chamber and one shielding room. The anechoic chamber allows researcher to conduct precise adjustment on wireless transmission system. The shielding room can cut off electromagnetic wave and let researcher to test wireless communication circuit.

Lin also noted that there will be 7 professors from the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science who has electric wave specialty to lead dozens of graduate students working at the ACT LAB in the future.

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