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Winning the first and third place in the 2022 Sustainable Creative Hackathon competition.

Translation: Professor Chung Ming-an from the Department of Electronic Engineering at our school guided five students, namely Zhang Junhao, Zhang Zhixuan, Lin Zhixin, Zhai Songyun, and Xu Jiachun, to participate in the 2022 Sustainable and Innovative Hackathon Competition. In this competition, a total of 308 teams from northern, central, and southern schools participated. With the careful guidance of Professor Chung and the efforts of each member, the team excelled in the themes of "Smart IoT Applications and Management" and "Smart Living for Elderly People," and designed a "Disaster Relief Guidance System for Fire Scenes" and an "Intelligent Walking Stick" that stood out in the fierce competition and won the first and third prizes, respectively.

The "Disaster Relief Guidance System for Fire Scenes" is a way of dynamically updating evacuation guidance signs with life sensing function disaster relief drones according to the spread of fire. The sign can detect harmful gases, temperature, humidity, and other information in real-time, and provide safe route guidance according to the situation of the fire. The drone will also collect real-time sensing information from the signs within the communication range during flight and conduct vital sign sensing. As for the "Intelligent Walking Stick," it mainly uses WiFi for wireless communication and positioning, and uses sensors for vital sign sensing. The sensed data will be uploaded to our cloud through a microcontroller and analyzed through AI technology to compare and analyze medical data before the occurrence of diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases, predicting the probability of disease occurrence. Finally, the relevant data will be established into a dedicated database and provided to users, their families, and related medical units.

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