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Three of the most creative youth entrepreneurial teams have created "fast, fierce, and accurate" technological tools.

With the rapid advancement of technology and the global trend, young people need to find their unique position in the future technology society. As the pandemic enters the new normal, it has prompted digital technology to quickly respond to challenges. The New Taipei City Government realizes that talents will be the key to the success or failure of enterprises and organizations.

With the rapid advancement of technology, young people need to find their unique position in the future technology society to keep up with the global trend. As the pandemic enters a new normal, it has prompted digital technology to quickly meet the challenges, and the New Taipei City government is aware that talents will be the key to the success or failure of businesses and organizations.

To bridge the gap between learning and application, close cooperation between industry, government, and academia is needed. The New Taipei City government has promoted many examples and, through professors from Da Tong University, Taipei Tech, and Tamkang University, led a group of young people under the age of 30 to form innovative startup teams, which are gradually being implemented.

In addition, New Taipei City Mayor Hou You-Yi will share his personal experience in the "2023 Knowledge New Year Feast" event held by the Commonwealth Publishing Group at the end of this year. At the age of 19, he moved from Puzi, Chiayi to Taipei and faced many challenges without any background. However, he created miracles one after another by upholding the same spirit of down-to-earth hard work as the people of Chiayi.

Snap! Ionic is a research team led by Cheng Fu-Jiun, the director of the Intelligent IoT Research Center at Da Tong University, consisting of 12 university and graduate students with an average age of about 30. The team has developed the world's first codeless development tool that crosses between mobile phones and web pages. With a single code, it can simultaneously develop iOS, Android, and Web platforms, significantly reducing development and maintenance costs.

This cloud-based cross-platform development tool originated from the development of IoT-related technology applications by the Intelligent IoT Research Center at Da Tong University. Cheng Fu-Jiun mentioned that in the beginning, through designing IoT apps, they could quickly develop IoT, but because there is not just one type of mobile system platform, they were forced to develop two sets of iOS and Android apps for use. However, the team found that app development and maintenance were very troublesome, and they hoped to integrate a development tool to make app and cloud-based web development simpler.

As the world's first no-code development tool that can be used for both mobile and web, Snap!Ionic attracts users through building courses and examples with the tool, finding partners for development, and achieving the goal of promoting the tool. Its advantage in the market is that it can greatly reduce the time and cost of developing iOS, Android, and Web apps simultaneously, making it easy for non-programmers to develop apps.

Meta Classroom is a youth startup team composed of 7 junior students majoring in information management at Tamkang University. It introduces the concept of OMO (Online merge Offline) to integrate physical and online courses, establishing a virtual reality (VR) hybrid classroom, allowing students to participate in classroom activities whether in the classroom or outside, as long as they have internet access and a mobile device. This solves the limitations of hybrid teaching for teachers during the pandemic.

In the past, the concept of O2O focused on the consumption model that bridged online and offline. OMO emphasizes the integration and fusion between online and physical entities. Zheng Peiyu mentioned that its advantage lies in the "merge" concept, focusing on the integration of online, offline customers, and other resources.

Regarding the team's next stage goals, Zheng Peiyu mentioned that combining WebXR technology with Microsoft services can leverage Microsoft's cloud technology and platforms such as Azure, Power Platform, and Office 365 to provide Meta Classroom with more powerful features and a wider range of applications.

Innolux Technology is a startup team guided by Professor Chung Ming-An of the Novel Wireless Communication and Electromagnetic Application Laboratory at National Taipei University of Technology. They mentioned that entering the development of a combination device for visually impaired people was due to Chung Ming-An's expertise in design and object recognition-related technology, as well as his abundant self-driving car technology and experience. He believed that since a car can become a better self-driving car through AI technology, people can also use relevant technology and sensors to develop applications. This idea led to the development of the combination device for visually impaired people.

"The initial starting point was not to change the existing living habits of visually impaired people," Chung Ming-An said. After investigation, the white cane was the most commonly used assistive device for the blind, and most blind people preferred to wear sunglasses. Therefore, the team focused on developing the combination device for the white cane and the guide glasses, hoping to allow blind friends to enjoy the convenience of technology without affecting their existing lives.

Regarding the unique features of YingCheng Technology, Professor Chung Ming-An, who supervised the startup team from the Novel Wireless Communications and Electromagnetic Applications Laboratory at National Taipei University of Technology, said that by integrating the principles of autonomous driving and multiple sensors, blind friends can achieve more comprehensive protection through the linkage between the cane and glasses. It is not just about recognizing ground impacts and front obstacles, but also considers head safety. At the same time, the manufacturing cost is taken into consideration to lower the price, and cooperation is carried out with relevant disadvantaged groups and hospitals.

Because young people have innovative spirit, enthusiasm, and drive, the New Taipei City Youth Bureau aims to help young entrepreneurs develop entrepreneurial and innovative capabilities, cultivate diverse innovation skills and employment competitiveness, and support startups and cultivate outstanding talents. By setting up a digital base in the Xindian Bao Gao Smart Industry Park and providing entrepreneurial youth with Microsoft Azure cloud platform resources, several students from the Department of Information Management at Tamkang University have participated in related courses organized by the Youth Bureau. Through the assistance of these courses, it is hoped that the products of the Meta Classroom team will have the potential for commercial development in the future.

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