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Graduates of Beijing University of Science and Technology received awards and shined brilliantly in AI

Reprinted from Taiwan Good News, July 18, 2020: National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) has achieved remarkable results in cultivating technology talents, as demonstrated by the outstanding performance of its students at the International Youth AI Entrepreneurship Forum (ICEIB). Xia Weiliang, a graduate of NTUT's dual-degree Master's program in Artificial Intelligence, and Dr. Tsai Wei-Ho, a professor of electronics at NTUT, jointly published a paper that was selected as the best paper at the conference. The faculty and students of NTUT celebrated this achievement together.

In 2022, the 2nd IEEE International Conference on Electronics, Communications, Internet of Things, and Big Data (IEEE ICEIB) was held at the Dianhua Grand Hotel in Taipei, where Xia and Tsai's paper was awarded the Best Paper Award. The conference, held on the 15th in Hsinchu, attracted the attention of high-tech institutions and enterprises in the field of electronic communications. Nearly a hundred papers were submitted and presented in various formats, including physical, online, and poster presentations.

Due to the conference's focus on innovative research and practical applications, Xia Weiliang, who works as an R&D manager at a major smart home appliance manufacturer, and Dr. Tsai Wei-Ho jointly published a paper that was selected as the best paper at the conference.

Xia Wai-Liang stated that the paper combines deep neural networks and unsupervised learning to conduct speech recognition, and introduces the identity of the speaker into the voice assistant system, which is of significant commercial value. The innovative application method described in the paper can greatly reduce the system resources required for training and is easier to implement in the market. In recent years, the flourishing development of AI-related industries and the increasing emphasis on cross-disciplinary expertise in the selection of senior managers by the business community have led National Taipei University of Technology, under the leadership of President Wang Si-Fu and Dean Huang Yu-Xian of the College of Electrical and Computer Engineering, to jointly establish the "Master's Program in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data High-level Management," in collaboration with the University of Texas at Arlington, which has the world's top EMBA program. This is Taiwan's first cross-disciplinary program that combines electronics and information technology with management. Graduates can obtain a master's degree in engineering from the College of Electrical and Computer Engineering at National Taipei University of Technology and an EMBA master's degree from the University of Texas at Arlington at the same time, which is highly welcomed by many business senior managers who have a need for in-service education. The enrollment period from April to June every year causes a surge in enrollment, and it quickly fills up. The program has now completed its third enrollment.

Xia Weiliang is a member of this year's first graduating class and has received a dual master's degree, representing a typical cross-disciplinary professional with both technical research and development and management skills, as well as a strong international perspective and language ability. He is also the only graduate student among the winners of the Best Paper Award. In addition to the "Master's Degree Program in Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Management," the University of Texas at Arlington also offers a dual EMBA program in partnership with Tsinghua University and the College of Management at Taipei Tech, as well as a dual master's program in Construction Engineering Management and EMBA in partnership with Taipei Tech. For more information, please contact the Taiwan office of the University of Texas at Arlington at 02-8772-0808 or visit their Facebook page at https://tinyurl.com/y22da9qa.

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