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Graduates of Beijing University of Science and Technology received awards and shined brilliantly in AI Entrepreneurship Forum

The second annual IEEE International Conference on Electronic Communication, Internet of Things, and Big Data (IEEEICEIB) held its International Youth AI Entrepreneurship Forum on the evening of April 16, 2022, at the Dianhua Hotel in Dazhi. The best paper award was presented at the conference. IEEEICEIB, which took place in Hsinchu on April 15, received attention from high-tech professionals, institutions, and companies in the field of electronic communication. Nearly a hundred papers were presented in various formats, including physical presentations, online presentations, and poster presentations.

The conference focused on research and practical applications with innovative ideas or results. Xavier Xia, a research and development manager at a major smart home appliance company and a student in the Taipei Tech Master's Program in Artificial Intelligence, presented a paper with Dr. Wei-Ho Tsai, a professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering at Taipei Tech, and was selected for the best paper award at the conference due to his professional experience.

In a recent study, Xia Weiliang, a graduate student from the National Taipei University of Technology, proposed a novel method of combining deep neural networks and unsupervised learning for speech recognition. The method can identify the speaker's identity and has significant business value, as it reduces the system resources required for training and makes it easier to implement in the market.

In recent years, the AI industry has been booming, and companies have been increasingly valuing talents with interdisciplinary expertise when selecting high-level managers. In order to cultivate outstanding talents with an international perspective and interdisciplinary knowledge, the National Taipei University of Technology, under the leadership of President Wang Hsi-Fu and Dean Huang Yu-Xian of the College of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, collaborated with the University of Texas at Arlington, which has a world-class EMBA program, to establish the "AI and Big Data Dual Master's Degree Program in High-level Management", the first interdisciplinary program in Taiwan to combine electronic information and business management.

After graduation, students of the "Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Dual Master's Degree Program in Senior Management" jointly established by the National Taipei University of Technology and the University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) can obtain both a master's degree in engineering from the College of Electrical and Computer Engineering of National Taipei University of Technology and an EMBA master's degree from UTA. This program is highly welcomed by many senior executives in need of continuing education. The enrollment from April to June every year has caused a frenzy and quickly reached full capacity. Currently, the third enrollment has been completed.

Xia Weiliang, a graduate of the program's first class this year, has obtained a dual master's degree and is a typical interdisciplinary professional with both technical research and development and business management skills, possessing considerable international perspective and foreign language proficiency. He is also the only master's student among the best paper award winners.

In addition to the "Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Dual Master's Degree Program in Senior Management," the University of Texas at Arlington also offers dual EMBA programs in collaboration with Tsinghua University and the College of Management at National Taipei University of Technology, as well as a dual master's degree program in Construction Engineering Management and EMBA in collaboration with National Taipei University of Technology.

For related inquiries, please contact the Taiwan office of the University of Texas at Arlington at 02-8772-0808.


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