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The Bronze Award in the "Smart Street Light Antenna Design" category of the Grand Geek Challenge of Kingpak Technology was won by a team from National Taipei University of Technology led by Yang Chih-wei and supervised by Chung Ming-an.

Gemtek, for the first time, hosted the "Gemtek Cup Geekathon" competition, showcasing remarkable results of industry-academia collaboration and research and development! After a nine-month-long selection process, including model verification, proposal presentations, and evaluations, the competition culminated in an awards ceremony today. The first "Gemtek Cup Geekathon" focused on technological innovation and its integration with Gemtek's core business. It set up three designated topics, namely "power design," "smart streetlight antenna design," and "AI computer vision inspection," targeting the practical product and technology challenges of the industry. It attracted over a hundred university teams from all over Taiwan.

Gemtek's General Manager, Chiu Sen-bin, stated that Gemtek continuously strengthens its core advantages in "light" and "electricity" and actively expands its research and development investments in the optoelectronic semiconductor, cloud computing, and automotive electronics markets, requiring a large number of outstanding young talents to join Gemtek. This year's Geekathon competition focused on technology and industry trends, with high prize money, encouraging academic research teams to apply their knowledge to practical situations. Gemtek is honored to invite outstanding experts and scholars from various fields to serve as judges, promoting industry-academia exchanges and enriching the learning experience of the participating teams.

In response to the development of smart cities, the "Smart Streetlight Antenna Group" sought to design a sub-G frequency horizontal omnidirectional miniaturized antenna that considers both the antenna performance and the appearance of the streetlight. The team led by Yang Zhiwei from Taipei Tech University won the Bronze Award.

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